Business as a Force to a Net-Zero Economy

ARTEH provides simple, automated and proven climate risk assessment and monitoring.

ARTEH Platform provides services that result in zero-carbon certifications internationally recognized and the alignment of the corporate climate strategy with the first step of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Recommendations.

Simple 4-Step Process:

1. Baseline Assessment

Collect company’s raw data on scopes 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gases emissions according to the industry.

2. Emissions Metrics & Monitoring

Once the raw data is inputted, ARTEH Platform will calculate the company’s cumulative carbon emissions to date.

3. Science-Based Climate Targets

By using methodologies approved by the Science-Based Targets initiativeARTEH Platform automatically delivers company’s carbon trajectory to achieve the net-zero future.

4. Automated Report

ARTEH Platform provides automated reports with analysis of the main sources of GHG emissions within the company, recommendations to decarbonize the operations, and all data required to disclose climate change financial risk according to the TCFD recommendations. This data is also useful for the corporations that wish to apply for recognised international certificates.

By becoming a net-zero company aligned with the Paris Agreement framework, you can:

• Promote its contribution to a net-zero carbon future
• Increase asset value
• Demonstrate a strong Environmental Business Model to stakeholders such as investors, suppliers, employees, and consumers
• Ensure profitability by dealing with partners who are already taking climate action
• Anticipate and be resilient to upcoming environmental regulations