Paris Target Validation

Paris Target Validation

ARTEH makes it easy for SMEs and larger organisations to comply and promote their contribution to the Paris Agreement targets.

The Science Based Targets ( supplies the scientific and methodological grounds for businesses to align with the Paris Agreement targets and further certify the businesses for doing so. The initiative is backed by partners such as the UN Global Compact, the Disclosure Insight Action (CDP), the World Resources Institute and WWF.

Nonetheless, for companies that are not familiar with climate science terminology and methodologies, it may be very challenging and complex to apply for such certifications, as they are lacking the necessary resources.

These companies are being demanded to align with the Paris Agreement targets mainly because they are part of supply chains of big players for whom taking action is becoming mandatory due to public consciousness-raising, including investors. They are under the risk of losing important deals with the big players in case they don’t adjust. In other cases, the main reason for the change is regulatory requirements.

Using a scalable platform, ARTEH provides support and advice following 4 steps that ultimately result in the Science-Based Target initiative certification.

Step 1 – we assess their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and pathway benchmark
Step 2 – we provide validation and advice
Step 3 – we offer support through the application for the certification and
Step 4 – we monitor their continuous performance

Once the first assessment is done, we offer advice and support for annual revalidation.